Friday, November 4, 2011

Opportunity Nation

What do Fareed Zakaria, Suze Orman, Philicia Rashad and Serena Williams have in common? I saw all four of them within the past day and am pleased to report that they are alive and well. I was completely star struck my Fareed Zakaria because I have been reading articles and journals authored by him for over 5 years and aspire to be as influential and intelligent as he is.

In the past two days I have networked and met some incredible and influential students and professionals from around the country who are actively engaged in providing American youth with opportunities. The face of America is much different than it once was. America used to be a place in which its citizens had confidence that the next generation would be able to prosper if they engaged themselves . Today, it is actually the opposite. It's unsettling to hear my fears of the decline of this great nation are indeed a reality. At the same time, it is empowering to know that honest people are doing their best to make a difference to combat this process and prepare the next generation to succeed tomorrow. I will share my notes from today's lectures and panels tomorrow. For now, I have to go to bed. Tomorrow is a big day!


  1. Are you still in NY? Why did you go there? A conference?

  2. Yes, I am still in New York. I received a scholarship to attend the Opportunity Nation Summit at Columbia University. It's an INCREDIBLE experience. Here's a link to the organization.