Sunday, November 13, 2011

القبرة و الفيل

Call me crazy, but to improve my Arabic, I have been slowly but surely reading short fables with spiteful animals. I have been shocked at just how spiteful these seemingly harmless animals have been by blinding, maiming and eating other animals that have crossed them. My personal favorite statement that was spewed by a very vengeful lark to an elephant who killed her baby lark after she had her friends blind him and other broke and maimed him. She said,

"أيها الظالم المغرور، لقد احتقرتني و قتلت فرخي و اعتقدت أني ضعيفة و لا أقدر على الانتقام منك. أنظر إلى حالك الآن!"

(Roughly translated, it reads "Oh arrogant oppressor, you despised me and killed my chick and thought that I was weak and was not capable of avenging you. Look at your state now!")

I will probably never look at "children's" animal fables the same ever again...

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