Tuesday, April 27, 2010

It's Time!

Well, it's that time again. Graduation was absolutely wonderful. It definitely exceeded my expectations in many ways and gave me the closure that is always necessary as I conclude one chapter and begin a new one. This past semester was extremely difficult for me because, as it should be, classes were very time consuming and difficult. At the same time, I was teaching a preparation course for a group of BYU interns that will be arriving in Jordan within the next two weeks. Although the two semesters were tough, I accomplished a few firsts that I have been meaning to do before I graduated. I went to a BYU football game, learned how to swim,went swing dancing, took a Latin ballroom dance class, performed well at Dancesport,and attended the Hari Krishna Festival of Colors. Completing final exams and the whole graduation scene was the crowning jewel.

When my family came out, we just did the regular activities, but it really made me feel appreciated and loved having my relatives there for me. I am very grateful for each of them for taking some time out of their week to support me. We had some good laughs, shared some fond memories and ate delicious food.

Driving home to Colorado wasn't as dreadful as I had anticipated partially because I got to drive most of the way and mostly because we didn't get stuck in Rawlins, WY. Rawlins is a cursed town because my family seems to get stuck there every time they try to pass through. While driving, I got to watch the scenery transform. It was absolutely beautiful to watch.

Tomorrow my dad, Laila and I embark on yet another journey. My dad will fly out a few hours before us, leaving Laila and I to travel to Germany by ourselves. It is going to be an adventure! We have a 10 hour lay-over there and will get a chance to leave the airport and explore Frankfurt AM. I'm really excited about it and have researched which buses we should take to get to the nearest cathedral and museums. It should be a blast. After exploring for a bit, we'll return to the airport and catch our flight to Jordan. I cannot wait to see Teta again and walk the streets of Jordan. I love the weather, the heat, the sun, but mostly I love my Teta and our family. They have so much gusto and passion.

One aspect that I love so much about Jordan is the rich history that the people preserve and respect. In American culture, we too easily disregard the significance of our heritage, our family names and the deeper roots that sustain society. There, they take great pride in their family's honorable history and reputation. That is truly something to be admired.

My main goals for this summer are:
No food poisoning
Become more fluent in Arabic
Make significant research on women's issues and the social development of Jordan
Spend quality time with Teta
Document my experiences thoroughly through pictures and journals
Expand my statistical analysis capabilities
Plant a tree at Teta's
Apply for meaningful jobs
Decide which graduate programs I will be pursing this fall/Begin Applications
Begin the Fulbright application