Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Great Water Fight

The three of us started out with mana'eesh a bed sheet laid out on the floor and a couple of glasses of juice. After an improvised picnic that was far from the wrath of the annoying neighbor girls who kept heckling us throughout the day, we set to work in the kitchen. Since I do not have an oven, our cooking adventures have been VERY different this year and have required much more thought and creativity. We made chocolate chip cookies, rolled them into small balls and froze them. They were delicious and the boys liked them.

After we finished making the cookies, the boys helped me wash out one of my carpets. Amid the cleaning, couldn't help but feel bad that the boys only got to swim in their pool once before it was destroyed by the neighbors. In attempts to instigate a water fight, I took a small bowl of water and dumped in on Moheebo. He felt insulted and started crying. I was caught off guard and tried to convince him that it was not a crying matter. Pouring a bowl of water on myself did not convince him that I wasn't being mean. Muya ran in ready to safe the day and asked me if I was in a fight with Moheebo or if I was actually playing. When he was convinced that water fights were indeed fun, both of the boys let loose and attacked me and each other with fury. We had a BLAST dodging between my roommate's freshly cleaned clothes and running around my rooftop together. During the merciless crossfires, I snuck away long enough to capture a glimpse of our time together. I love water days, but mostly I just love my boys! :)

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