Sunday, October 30, 2011

Stewart Falls

I have been begging a couple of my friends to go for one last day hike before the snow comes. Despite how short the Stewart Falls trail was, and the fact that all of the beautiful fall leaves had already fallen, we had a lovely time. I was shocked at how colourful and gorgeous the scenery was. This mini trip was another testament that I need to devote more time to exploring the Provo outdoors.

During our trip, my friend and I were able to have some really good conversations that really made me reflect on myself, my friend and the applicability of all of the silly social theorists that I am studying right now. As I devote my theory efforts to Georg Simmel, I am being converted. Fragmentation of the self is real. We aren't able to truly know or holistically understand others because one cannot truly know their true self. The only being that is able to view us perfectly is God, thus we must rely on him to help us understand our potential.

Additionally, humans always view others in relation to themselves. As my friend explained his perspective of some people that I admire, it was interesting to observe the reality of our inability to divorce our identities and perceptions of ourselves as we interact or observe them. We evaluate the competency, likeability and success of others on our life experiences, race, gender, socioeconomic status, religion and many other dynamics that make us unique humans.

I guess I'll have to remember to recognize my preferences and assumptions when I begin my research. Thanks to everyone who contributed to my lovely weekend. I'm content, satisfied and ready to take on another week.

My personal favorite! (Above)

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