Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Generations of the United States from a Sociological Perspective


Today this incredible man gave a lecture at Brigham Young University. His argument was that the different eras throughout American history have largely defined each generation. Although some of his titles were a bit more inventive and revolutionary than they needed to be... Senior citizens are still called seniors, because that is precisely the stage of life that they are in. His lecture was an interesting analysis of how the generations of the United States interact and work together to better our communities. Something that really surprised me was his statement regarding the millennial generation. We are philanthropic to some degree, care about our communities, want to maintain relatively conservative values, value children and families and are optimistic. According to his study, the per capita violence has decreased within the past twenty years. Really? I had always imagined that our society was losing the fundamental values and principles that made us strong and successful. Obviously Mr. Howe doesn't have all of the answers, but I was intrigued by his thoughtful analysis of our society.

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