Saturday, October 30, 2010

Women's Rights and Islam.

Some have wondered why I have not changed my answering machine or changed my blog for quite some time. It is because my heart and my mind have not left Jordan or my sweet grandmother. When my thoughts dwell on the present more than the past and my heart is at peace, I will move on. I will press forward, but I refuse to forget the past and deny that is has left a deep imprint on my heart that cannot be overwhelmed by new experiences.

Also, I would like to remind my friends that although this article reminds me of my time working with women at a battered women's shelter in Jordan, the picture that is painted in this article may be a reality in Afghanistan, but it does not hold true for the majority of the Jordanian women. Islam is a beautiful religion that when interpreted by honest and inspired men and women can show the divine equality, love and unity between Muslim men and women. However, when a society is overwhelmed by poverty, illiteracy, war and traditions that contradict the fundamental truths of Islam, tradition and culture prevail and women are faced with a desperate situation. This desperation is suffered by a minority in Jordan, but that does not discredit their plight and does not mean that we should not acknowledge and ameliorate this social issue. It means that we must work even harder to eradicate injustice and ensure that all citizens receive the justice and hope through the divinely inspired precepts of Islam. I love Islam and know that if Shariah law is implemented in the way that God intended, it can empower men and women to establish a strong and unified community.

Please keep my words and thoughts in mind as you read this interesting and compelling article about Afghani women.

Last night while beginning personal research on Islamic law regarding women's rights and family law, I came across an interesting Islamic scholar, Souad Saleh. She teaches at Al-Azhar University in Cairo, which is the center of Islamic thought. I can't wait to read her works!

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